Saturday, December 20, 2008

Style Writer: Software that Helps Improve Your Writing

I think it's easy for even the best of writers to get lazy. Fortunately, a software program works hard when your mind is on multiple subjects as you sit at your keyboard.

If you write like me, you consider your next several thoughts as you write. This poses dangers to any one's writing. As I sat in my technical editing class, I knew there had to be software that keeps hyper thinking authors in check. I researched the issue, and I discovered StyleWriter.

StyleWriter works as a stand alone product or you can integrate it with Microsoft Word, which is a nice feature. It automatically updates your document as you edit the document in StyleWriter.

StyleWriter uses grammar rules, style guides, and professional advice to remove bad parts of your writing. The bottom of the StyleWriter screen displays three different grades to your writing: style, sentence length, and active voice. Rarely do I turn in a document that doesn't receive an excellent grade in all three ratings.

StyleWriter is easy to use. In Word, simply type your document and then click the StyleWriter button (automatically added when you install the software). The program opens and gives you a grade. StyleWriter looks for the first instance of questionable writing, and suggests how to improve it. Rarely does it suggest something I disagree with, but it does happen.

Another great feature of StyleWriter is Edit. Click Edit, and you are transferred into your Word document where you can make major changes. Click Resume, and StyleWriter regrades the document with your recent changes.

I began using StyleWriter in 2006. Both companies I have written for now use StyleWriter. Whether you are a technical writer, business writer, author, or a student, StyleWriter takes your writing to the next level.


  1. Very interesting. It's not just our words, but their appearance, that impacts readers.

    Do you do editing work?

  2. I have used stylewriter in the past, which helped me in writing field investigator reports. I have been blogging and writing on-line content and want to get serious and thought of it again. I am wondering if there are other softwares out there that do the same thing better or if style writer is in a class of its own? Anybody know?

  3. StyleWriter is the best I have found.

    I do limited editing work. It's hard to find time to edit. :)