Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Technical Writer to Marketing Writer: A Unique Change

My stiff structured technical style faced a challenge the last few weeks at work. Forget all the rules I learned, I am not writing copy as well. Advertising writing is a 180 degree turn from technical writing. It involves sloppiness, conversational tone, and a lack of respect to punctuation.

It's a fast trip from logos to pathos. It sounds easy, right? It's not.

Writing to stir emotions is tough, especially dealing with complex themes. I go from writing one set of instructions to writing five or six themes. So far the results aren't bad, but I'm haven't found my comfort either. It makes me nervous to have so many eyes looking over something I am not comfortable with.

The terminology is new for me as well. In today's economy, I am not complaining. I am happy to have the opportunity to learn something new. For now, it's like wearing an itchy sweater.


  1. Hi Clay! Thanks for visiting my blog! To answer your question, I am assuming it is because they are only licensed in the Carolinas. It is a small agency.


  2. wow!!! that's awesome change...i believe if a person born to be a writer she/he will and can always write whatever topic it u would share me some of ur techniques in technical writing or how to write great stuff effectively...plzzzz????? hope u will,,hehehe! thanx advance...