Friday, May 1, 2009

An Amazing Solution for Duplicate Data Entry Problems

Computers and software work together to provide you with the efficiencies you demand. Far too many times software doesn’t integrate with other software leaving you dependent on primitive tools like the Windows Clipboard or reentering data yourself into another application.

Organizations often face pulling information from multiple sources and entering it as data in their own management systems. As users reenter data into their management system, they often make typing errors that can slow down your processes and cause confusion within the organization. Current tools in Windows allow users to copy one field at a time and paste it to another field one at a time with many mouse clicks. The process eats valuable time.

Keying your data into another data source also takes up time, but the real problem is accuracy. Reentering data yourself creates typing errors which can create confusion in your database.
A study performed by the Department of Defense during the 1980s discovered that errors for key-entry of data amounted to 1 in every 300 characters. That means if one of your staff member was retyping the information on this page, they would have already made three mistakes. What if anyone of those mistakes cost you business?

Another company discovered that by reducing duplicate data entry, they were able to save themselves 17,000 hours for a cost savings of $320,000 a year. Another study found that data error rates of 2% are common, so if your staff are keying in 1,000 pieces of information every day, each member produces 20 errors. If you’d rather look at it by time, let’s say you have people performing data entry for 8 hours every day. These errors need an added 10 minutes a day -- nearly one hour a week, or 52 hours a year – for each full-time data entry person to fix. That is assuming you catch the errors.

A new type of software screenscrapes your computer screen for data from multiple applications including Office, Web, forms, and management applications and places them on a super clipboard. The data is easily drag and dropped from the clipboard to the application you are working in. It’s simple and accurate.


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