Monday, June 22, 2009

The Best Advice for Writing Web Copy

When you read this blog, more than likely you aren't going to read it. You will skim through it looking for key information. Over the years, Web users have become conditioned to skim for information in copy; therefore, trying to be the Hemingway of Web copy isn't going to get you far.

The key to successful Web copy is to provide information that solves issues people seek your site for. Think of those problems, and write solutions of how your product and services will solve those problems. Make the solutions easy to find. I recommend bullets.

If you keep the information obscure hoping a client will call you, chances are they are moving on to your competitor. So remember these key steps.

  • Find the pains
  • Provide solutions for the pains
  • Include what the next step is for beginning the solution

Remember large paragraphs and pages of information my scare off a potential client. Chunk your information, and be sure it doesn't intimidate.