Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hollywood Explores Technical Writing With a Rubber Sex Doll and a Sadistic Killer

Until Netflix, I was unaware Hollywood would ever produce a film about a technical writer. After all, our work can be dull sometimes, and as the film points out millions of Americans VCRs blinked 12:00 proving how unappreciated the technical writer is. Perhaps that's why Hollywood decided to define the tech writer as a sick pervert type with no soul. Eventually, you tire from being unappreciated right?

So "Love Object" caught my attention as it entered a recommended movie play list. It wasn't necessarily what followed in the description, it was simply the fact they decided to use a tech writer as the main character--a very sick main character.

Kenneth Winslow is an extremely shy but brilliant technical writer who orders a rubber sex-doll.

He develops a relationship with "Nikki," to the point of talking and even arguing with her. Kenneth begins to display bizarre behavior, and starts to feel stalked by Nikki. Their relationship evolves into a love-hate situation, and at one point even beats the doll.

Well there's more to it. He also starts talking to the doll to build up the courage to talk to the beautiful tech writer he works with, but when she finds out Winslow is a little strange, she starts keeping her distance. Which of course turns Winslow into a sadistic killer. I won't tell you how it ends, but I will say Hollywood really didn't do the technical writing trade any favors. Even the company Winslow works for seems a little odd to say the least.

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